‘Mom’ and friend torture 9-year-old son for weeks, giving him hundreds of bruises, broken bones and a disfigured ear: Police

Alabama police have arrested two people and accused them of cruelly torturing a 9-year-old boy for weeks on end, as reported by FOX 32.

Cecily Burton, 31, and Marzel Mills, 40, from Tuscaloosa, have been charged with attempted murder and aggravated child abuse after they were placed into police custody on Wednesday, according to WIAT.

Burton is actually the 9-year-old boy’s birth mother, while Mills is unrelated, authorities have noted. Police became aware of the case when a concerned relative contacted the Children’s Hospital in Birmingham, who took it upon themselves to inform local law enforcement.

Doctors say the child had over 100 bruises on his back and many more throughout the rest of his body. They also note that the boy had fluid behind his eye, broken bones, a homemade stitched ear, and was extremely malnourished. According to the severity of the boy’s injuries, it is possible he could have been tortured for weeks or longer, investigators note.

Sgt. Mike Chaisson told reporters that this is the most horrific child abuse case he’s seen in his 20-year law enforcement career. Police Lt. Teena Richardson agreed. describing it as a “severe case of child abuse.”

Court records show that this isn’t Burton’s first time getting caught endangering a child. These records show she was previously convicted of three counts of child endangerment, all misdemeanors, according to Alabama Local News.

Mills and Burton are being held on $400,000 bond at the Tuscaloosa County Jail. It is unknown if either of them has obtained legal counsel.

[Featured Image: Tuscaloosa Police]