Mom comes home to find her husband killed himself and their two young children: Police

Arkansas police are trying to discern motive in a horrific case in which a father allegedly killed himself and his two young children, as reported by CBS News.

Little Rock investigators believe Robert Mangan, 39, killed his 4-year-old daughter and 5-year-old son before taking his own life. Their bodies were found on Sunday morning by Mangan’s wife, Lindsay Mangan. She was also the mother of the two unidentified children, according to ArkansasOnline. Lindsay is said to have found the bodies of all three of her family members laying together in bed, Little Rock Patch has stated.

Lindsay Mangan told police that the couple had recently separated and were “having problems,” which could account for motive, authorities have noted.

A cause of death has not been released, but police say there were no obvious signs of trauma on either of the children. All three bodies have been taken to the medical examiner for autopsies to determine the exact cause of death.

Authorities have noted that police have been called to the Mangan family address on prior occasions for domestic-related incidents.

A neighbor spoke to THV11 and provided more information about Robert, saying that he was an airplane mechanic and a military veteran who served in Iraq.

Little Rock Police say the deaths are being investigated as a double homicide and suicide.

The city is in the midst of a dramatic increase of homicide-related deaths, as reported by WTOP. Police spokesman Steve McClanahan told reporters that even with officers working additional hours, situations like Robert Mangan’s alleged murder-suicide would not be prevented.

“You could have a thousand extra police, and you’ll still have this,” he said.

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