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‘Mom’ indicted for MURDER after locking her two toddlers in scorching hot car so she could ‘get high’

On Thursday, a Texas grand jury indicted a woman in connection with the deaths of her two young children, after both died from a heatstroke in a locked car.

A Parker County grand jury indicted Cynthia Marie Randolph, 24, on felony charges in relation to her children’s death, which include “injury to a child causing serious bodily injury.” Her children, 2-year-old Juliet Ramirez 16-month-old  Cavanaugh Ramirez died in the hot car in May, reports Star-Telegram.

The Tarrant County medical examiner’s office determined that the children died from exogenous hyperthermia, or heatstroke. Authorities ruled their deaths as a homicide.

Randolph initially told multiple stories to investigators about what happened on the May 26 incident, but eventually admitted to locking her children in the car intentionally.

The young mother said that her daughter, Juliet, refused to get out of the car, so she cursed at the toddler, then locked both kids inside the vehicle to teach them a lesson. She claimed that she believed her children would get out of the car when they were ready, so she went to smoke marijuana and take a two to three-hour nap. The temperature was 96 degrees that day.

After waking from her nap, she went outside to find her children still in the car. Juliet in the front driver’s seat and Cavanaugh on the floorboard.

She broke the car’s window, pulled her unresponsive children out of the vehicle, and placed them on the kitchen table while she called police.

Authorities pronounced both children dead at the scene.

Parker County Assistant District Attorney Jeff Swain explained the charges brought against Randolph.

“The culpable mental state required for first-degree-felony injury to a child is that the defendant knowingly engaged in conduct that was reasonably certain to cause serious bodily injury or death. By comparison, to prove a murder or capital murder, it must be proven that the defendant specifically intended to cause the death of the child.”

Randolph may face life in prison if she is convicted.

The judge set her bail at $200,000, but as of Sunday, she remained in the Parker County Jail.

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[Feature Photo: Parker County Sheriff’s Office]