‘Cowardly predator’: Serial rapist threatens and spits on deputies as they lead him through court house to face judge

A Georgia judge has sentenced a serial rapist to 160 years behind bars after being convicted of sexually assaulting two young woman, one of them just 17-years-old, as reported by Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Patrick Demetrius Payton, 35, beat and raped two women in 2015, repeatedly punching an unidentified teenager in a laundromat before sexually assaulting her. The other victim, who also remains unidentified, suffered a similar fate at the hands of Payton. However in addition to the brutality, he stole her cell phone.

Payton’s week-long trial was filled with violent outbursts on the part of the accused. Court records indicate that he started fights with people in the court room and often screamed and threatened onlookers. Deputies have even said that he spit on them and threatened to stab them as they led him to face his judgement.

The judge was having none of it and addressed the 35-year-old rapist at his sentencing hearing.

“The only conclusion I can draw is that you are a cowardly predator of defenseless women,” Judge A. Gregory Poole said in court. “There’s something in you that makes you hurt people. I need to make sure you never walk the streets of this state again.”

Assistant District Attorney Courtney Veal urged the judge to serve up the maximum sentence, which he did.

“He believes he can get around any consequences for his actions,” she said, nothing his lengthy criminal record. “Every time he is given another chance, he is more emboldened and his behavior escalates. He cannot be trusted to exist in free society.”

Both of Payton’s victims received treatment at a nearby hospital and have recovered, though Veal said in court that the trauma from the incidents will never fully heal.

Payton was convicted of two counts each of criminal attempt to commit rape, aggravated assault, aggravated battery, false imprisonment and misdemeanor sexual battery, as well as burglary and robbery. He was given an additional 24 months for the two misdemeanors and is not eligible for parole, meaning he will likely spend the rest of his life behind bars.

[Featured Image: Cobb County Sheriff’s Office]