Famous guitarist who worked with Prince and Billy Joel sexually assaults young boy after backyard BBQ: Police

Philadelphia police have arrested a renowned session guitarist and accused him of raping a 14-year-old boy after a backyard BBQ, as reported by Philadelphia Magazine.

Mike Tyler, 58, has been charged with rape, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, unlawful contact with a minor, and sexual assault, among other offenses. The alleged abuse occurred after he attended the backyard BBQ of a fellow musician, who remains unidentified.

He says he invited Tyler to his house for the August 12 BBQ, where the famous guitarist regaled guests with tales of his rock star friends, which include Prince, Billy Joel, Pearl Jam and Pharrell Williams. One of these guests was the host’s 14-year-old son. The next morning, Tyler called and offered to help clean up, the host told Philadelphia Magazine. That’s when he allegedly snuck into the sleeping boy’s room and raped him.

It was several days before the boy finally told his father what had allegedly happened.

“He was really embarrassed at first and scared,” he said. “He didn’t want to talk about it. I mean, he’s a 14-year-old boy. This is no easy thing to talk about. But I’m so proud of him for telling me.”

The father of the alleged rape victim could barely contain his rage as he discussed Tyler, who he once considered a friend.

“He’s no friend of mine,” he said. “He’s a f*** and I want every musician he’s ever played with to know all about this. I don’t want him to get a gig in the worst bar in West Virginia.”

The 58-year-old guitarist is currently incarcerated at Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility in Northeast Philadelphia, with bail set at $150,000.

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