‘Mom’ high on meth drives all over the road with kids in tow, dances in parking lot when caught: Police

Oklahoma police have arrested a woman and accused her of endangering her two children after she was allegedly caught driving erratically while under the influence of drugs and alcohol, as reported by News On 6.

Sand Springs officers arrested Amy Lamb, 41, on Thursday evening after they allegedly found a cup of alcohol in her truck and meth and a smoking pipe in her purse, according to Sand Springs Leader. Police became aware of Lamb after she was seen acting bizarrely at a local Dollar Tree. Witnesses called 911 and said the woman was acting as if she was high on drugs.

One witness even followed the 41-year-old and told authorities that she was driving all over the road, peeling out and performing U-turns before eventually pulling into a Carl’s Jr. parking lot. The witness also told investigators that the woman had her children with her in the truck.

Police tracked her down at the very same parking lot where they say Lamb began acting “erratically,” alleging that she began yelling and dancing in their presence. They gave her a field sobriety test, which she failed, investigators note. In addition to the meth and alcohol, she allegedly told officers that she had taken the anti-anxiety medication Xanax earlier in the day.

This isn’t Lamb’s first brush with the law. Court records indicate that she has pleaded guilty to two previous DUIs. She was booked on charges of child endangerment, driving under the influence, possession of a controlled drug, possession of drug paraphernalia and transporting an open container. The 41-year-old is┬ábeing held on a $112,820 bond.

Lamb’s mother has temporary custody of both children.

[Featured Image: Tulsa Police Department]