Teen accuses juvenile detention center of forcing underage inmates to become ‘sex slaves’

A New York City teenager has claimed that an area juvenile detention center used some of the underage inmates as “sex slaves,” as reported by New York Post.

Franklin Maldonado, now 18, has alleged in a lawsuit that administrators at the Bronx-based Horizon Detention Center forced him into sexual servitude when he was just 15-years-old.

Maldonado alleges that a supervisor named Natalie Medford told him that she would offer him protection if he “took care of her needs.” He also alleges that Medford would remove him from solitary confinement and “bring him to her office for the purposes of engaging in sexual contact with him,” lawsuit documents indicate. The teen also alleges that Medford would send him “special” movies to watch on a cell phone, though he did not indicate if these movies were pornographic in nature.

She’s not even the only administrator at the facility the 18-year-old alleges took part in these assaults. Maldonado told court officials that as Medford “preyed” on him, another young inmate was being “groomed” for use as a sex slave by an unnamed supervisor.

The lawsuit indicates that male guards looked the other way as female employees had their way with several underage inmates.

However, an operator at the detention center says that nobody with the last name Medford works there, New York Post reported.

The city Department of Investigation and the Bronx District Attorney’s Office are investigating the allegations, said a source familiar with the lawsuit.

“We will review the complaint,” a city official noted.

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