Man leads police on dangerous 111 MPH chase with three kids in car: Cops

New York police have arrested a man and charged him of child endangerment, among other crimes, after he allegedly partook in a dangerous car chase with children in the car, as reported by WIVB.

Clarence Carithers, 32, is alleged to have sped past a patrol car early Friday morning in the small town of Alabama, New York. The patrol officer attempted to get him to pull over but, instead of abiding, the man allegedly increased his pace in order to avoid getting a ticket.

Police say he made several fast-paced and erratic turns, each without using a turn signal. He is also said to have driven past several red lights without stopping, forcing the officer to do the same. The patrol car kept up with the 32-year-old but, eventually, his speed reached a massive 111 MPH, investigators note.

After some time, Carithers allegedly gave up and came to a stop at a gas mart outside of the Tonawanda Indian Reservation. That’s when the officer noticed that their were three children in the car. Authorities have yet to indicate if the three kids are his or their exact ages.

In addition to three counts child endangerment, the 32-year-old faces a litany of other charges. These include unlawful fleeing of a police officer, reckless driving, speed in excess of 55, failure to stop at a blinking red light, unsafe turn without signaling and no/inadequate headlights.

Carithers was jailed without bail and will face a judge on October 12. It is unknown if the 32-year-old has retained legal counsel.

[Featured Image: Genesee County Sheriff’s Office]