Man beats 9-year-old girl as she rushes in to shield mother and sister from abuse: Cops

Minnesota police have arrested a man and accused him of beating a woman and the young child that was trying to protect her, as reported by Owatonna People’s Press.

Alfredo Barajas III, 43, was charged Monday with two counts of child endangerment and two of domestic assault after he allegedly struck a woman as she held a 7-month-old infant. He is also alleged to have struck a 9-year-old girl who rushed in to block her mother from further abuse.

According to the criminal complaint, the unidentified woman told police Barajas came back from watching a boxing match at a friend’s house and began arguing with her, which led to violence. Investigators have yet to indicate what sparked that initial argument.

The woman told police that the 43-year-old began hitting her with an open fist, and that her daughter, 9, tried to protect her and the 7-month-old infant she was holding by acting as a human shield. Barajas also struck the young girl as she stepped in front of her mother, the woman told authorities.

Barajas reportedly told police he had argued with the woman, and the children had been afraid because he was loud. He did not make mention of any beatings or the fact that he allegedly struck a 9-year-old girl as she attempted to protect her family members.

Court records show the 43-year-old was set bail Monday of $2,000 with conditions or $5,000 without. He is due back in court September 12. If convicted of the gross misdemeanors, he could spend an entire year in jail.

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