Missouri police officer fights for his life when DUI suspect reaches for gun

A Missouri police officer got into a violent fight with a man after he pulled him over for speeding.

The unidentified officer clocked a car headed northbound at 2 a.m. Wednesday going over 70 mph. The officer said he thought the number was wrong at first, because he didn’t normally see such high speeds on that road, according to Fox 61.

“I thought it was a misread at first, because I usually don’t get cars that fast. So I grabbed the handheld radar and I immediately turn my lights on and I spin around and catch up to him.”

The car eventually pulled over for the officer after jumping a curb, and the officer suspected a DWI.  The video shows the officer approach the driver, identified as Markarios Kirkwood, 43.

The officer said he asked Kirkwood to step out of the car for a sobriety test after he asked him for his license and insurance. That’s when Kirkwood went for a weapon.

“…I see the pocket knife and I tell him (to) pull his hands up and I see him and right there he went for it again,” the officer said.

He managed to put Kirkwood into a headlock, but the man starting reaching for the officer’s gun.

“Right here is when he reached for my gun.I pushed his hand away with my left hand and I got my hand on the gun I the holster and he’s ripping at my hand.”

After about two and a half minutes of fighting, the officer was able to walk away with just a few bruises on his hands and elbows.

Chief Vince Delia told the news station the video was hard to watch for both him and the officer.

“It’s very gut-wrenching to see a law enforcement officer in that situation where It can turn to deadly force at any time. Our unwritten rule is ‘always make it home’ and in this case he did so, and that’s the number one goal: always make it home from the job!”

Kirkwood was on parole for charges stemming from 2012, but is now being held on charges of assault. His bail was set at $50,000.


[Feature photo: Dashcam/Screengrab]