MYSTERY: Police find body of young woman laying on side of road in posh Hamptons neighborhood

Long Island police are looking for leads after finding a dead body on the side of the road in the upper-class neighborhood known as the Hamptons, according to New York Post.

The deceased woman has been identified as 22-year-old Hallie Ulrich, as reported by 27east. Though originally thought to be homeless, an anonymous family member spoke to CrimeOnline and said Ulrich was simply living in a nearby campground.

Her body was found on a grassy shoulder in East Hampton at around 6:30 a.m. on Thursday morning.

Suffolk County Police have not indicated that her death was definitively criminal in nature, but they are still looking for leads as to what caused her to die.

Ulrich is described as about 5-foot-4, white, with light brown shoulder-length hair and weighing approximately 100 pounds. She had an owl tattoo on her right wrist and a tattoo of two interlocking rings on the inside of her upper left arm. A family member has described her as “a bright star in a world of dark.”

East Hampton Patch located the deceased on Facebook and has urged any potential witnesses to come forward. According to The East Hampton Star, Ulrich grew up in Sag Harbor, which counts East Hampton as one of the towns within its jurisdiction. It is unknown if Ulrich has any family members in the area or if they have been brought in for questioning.

Her body was not the first found in the area this week. The body of a man was found washed up in the nearby town of Laurel on Sunday, authorities have noted.

Anyone with information is asked to call the homicide squad at 631-852-6394. This investigation is ongoing.

[Featured Image: Facebook]