Mom leaves young children alone at park, in the RAIN, while she goes to get a tattoo: Police

Witnesses found the 3-year-old and 8-year-old child hiding in the restroom, scared and wet from the rain

An Oregon mom was arrested Saturday on multiple charges after police say she dropped her kids off at a park and left them there unattended for an hour.

Ana Lisa Lara, 28, left her 3-year-old and 8-year-old alone at Harleman Park in the city of Cornelius while she went to the tattoo parlor to get a new tattoo, according to The Oregonian.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office told the newspaper that police received a call around 5:36 p.m. Saturday about a report of two children who were found alone in the park’s restroom. Police say the kids were scared from the rain, and were hiding out. They were found by a family that didn’t know them, which immediately contacted police, News Times reports.

Sergeant Bob Ray, a spokesman for the sheriff’s office, confirmed that the children were found in the park’s bathroom.

“The children were frightened when it began to rain and hid in the park bathroom.”

Lara came to pick up her children 24 minutes later. She was arrested by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office for two counts each of first-degree criminal mistreatment, recklessly endangering another person and second-degree child neglect.

Oregon Law states that second-degree child neglect means leaving a child under the age of 10 unattended in a situation where the child’s health or welfare will likely be endangered.

Police say they believe the children were in the park alone for at least an hour while their mother was getting a new tattoo.

Lara was still being held in the Washington County Jail on a $10,000 bail as of Sunday.

Both children are in the care of a family member.


[Feature photo: Washington County Sheriff’s Office]