VIDEO: Al Sharpton’s daughter rips cab driver’s keys from ignition, hits him

A cell phone video shows a confrontation between Al Sharpton’s daughter Ashley Sharpton and a New York City cab driver after she stole his keys and tossed them down the street.

Sharpton was celebrating her 30th birthday with friends when the group entered a cab around 1 a.m. and told the driver, Georges Coly, 44, to “just go, just go,” without giving a destination, Daily News reports.

When Coly pulled the car over to ask the friends for a set destination, Sharpton got irritated and allegedly took the keys out of the ignition and got out of the car.

The video, filmed by the activist’s friend, shows the panicking driver calling 911 as he tries to get his keys back from Sharpton, who says she threw them on the street. The friend filming the scene can be heard in the background telling Coly, “You’re going to lose your license,” as he pleads with Sharpton to give his keys back.

At one point, Coly reaches for the keys from Sharpton’s hands, who then takes offense and threatens the driver.

She says, “You put your hands on me? If you put your hands on me there’s going to really be a problem,” though she is seen touching his arm.

Sharpton eventually makes good on her promise and strikes Coly after calling him a “b—-.”

About two hours later that night, police arrested Sharpton for petty larceny. She was given a desk appearance ticket and released. Since Coly was not injured, Sharpton was not charged with assault.

Her lawyer, Michael Hardy, said he believes there was no criminal act.

“There are no actual formal charges yet because she was released on a desk appearance ticket. In terms of any criminal act, I don’t believe there was any criminal act.”

Her father said Sunday that the video shows the incident was less serious than he originally thought it to be, but that it “further raises the questions that I raised originally.”

“She told me it didn’t happen the way they said it happened but I can’t speak for a 30-year-old woman,” He told Fox News.

“Now the rest will have to be litigated.”


Feature photo: Facebook