‘America’s Got Talent’ host Mel B investigated for felony witness intimidation

Former Spice Girl Mel B’s nasty divorce battle from estranged husband Stephen Belafonte is taking another dramatic turn as Mel B is now being investigated for felony witness intimidation, TMZ reports.

Mel B previously claimed that her soon-to-be ex-husband was having an affair with their former nanny, Loraine Gilles, and that the two were using sex tapes as leverage for extortion. She also accused Belafonte of domestic abuse, according to Page Six, and getting the nanny pregnant.

The America’s Got Talent host recently filed new court documents, claiming that her estranged husband orchestrated a phony marriage for Gilles, who is from Germany, and was at risk for being deported, so that she could stay in the country longer and continue their affair. Gilles’ husband, Michael Bleau, admitted in his deposition that he bought his wife’s engagement ring from eBay for $30, and the two never posted engagement pictures, according to the court documents.

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Belafonte and Gilles bit back saying that the trio — Belafonte, Gilles, and Mel B — would often have three-ways together, and that Mel B has a serious drug habit.

Gilles initially claimed that the only sexual encounters she ever had with Belafonte were during the alleged three-ways, but she later admitted in her deposition to having sex with Belafonte alone about 10 to 15 times, and at least twice around the time she became pregnant. She claims the child was not his.

The America’s Got Talent judge is now being investigated for felony witness intimidation after a rapper who was set to testify against her accused the singer of sending her threatening text messages last Saturday night.

Rapper Siya says she was close with the couple, and planned to testify that Belafonte never physically abused Mel B. She was also set to testify that not only did the singer regularly use illegal drugs, she was also the one that who initiated the purported three-ways.

According to TMZ, sources close to Mel B say she only met Siya a couple of times. They’re also saying Mel B never threatened the rapper.


Feature photo: Associated Press