‘Consistent with being squeezed’: Cops arrest daycare owner after two infants sent to hospital with brutal injuries

Iowa police have arrested a daycare owner and accused her of endangering two infants under her protection, as reported by WQAD.

Amy E. Smith, 44, who operates a daycare out of her Davenport home, was arrested on Tuesday, following a five-month long investigation. She has been charged with four counts of child endangerment causing serious injury to two infants, according to the arrest affidavit.

Police say a baby under her care suffered numerous injuries during an incident in April, including a broken wrist, broken arm, broken leg and a fractured rib, all of which were “consistent with being squeezed,” according to KWQC. While conducting that investigation, authorities learned of a similar incident that allegedly occurred in 2015.

The second child received multiple bruises on the face and head, lacerations under her eye, on her mouth and on her wrists, the arrest affidavit indicates. Police say that Smith excused the injuries, claiming the child was injured when a milk crate she was pushing fell on top of her. However, a doctor at the hospital said the injuries were not consistent with an accidental injury and that abuse was suspected, authorities note.

Police have not actually said that Smith herself is being accused of injuring the children. In Iowa, the charge of child endangerment causing serious injury is defined as “being a person having custody or control over a child, knowingly act in a manner that creates a substantial risk to the child, physical safety, resulting in serious injury to the child.”

Smith has been released on bond and awaits trial. No other suspects have been named in the case.

[Featured Image: Davenport Police Department]