Man kills pregnant girlfriend and pretends to be her in sadistic text exchange with victim’s sister: Police

He was allegedly engaged to another woman at the time of the slaying

Maryland police have arrested a man and accused him of murdering his pregnant girlfriend, as reported by WSLS.

Tyler Tessier, 32, is alleged to have killed Laura Wallen, 31, and buried her body in a shallow grave, according to Inside Edition. Tessier and Wallen were involved in an on- and off-again relationship for seven years, and the pair was expecting their first child together, authorities indicate.

Wallen disappeared on September 5 and Tessier actually appeared in press conferences, with her family, urging the community for support in helping to locate her. Now the 32-year-old is the prime suspect in her murder.

Reports also indicate that Tessier may have pretended to be Wallen in text exchanges with her sister, investigators have alleged. These texts were sent after she was most likely dead but before she was reported missing, thus acting as a kind of alibi for the 32-year-old. They also, inexplicably, seem to try to convince Wallen’s sister that the 31-year-old was cheating on Tessier.

“I am like 95 percent sure Tyler is not the father,” one text noted, according to the arrest record.

“Tyler is never going to forgive me,” another message said. “If he tries to call you, please tell him he’s a great guy because I know I really hurt his feelings.”

Jennifer Kadi, Wallen’s sister, told police that the text messages did not sound like her sister and also contained irregular misspellings.

It has also been revealed that Tessier was engaged to another woman, despite planning to start a family with Wallen, as reported by PEOPLE.

“There is nothing we cant fix together, myself and your family,” a tearful Tessier said at the press conference while holding hands with Wallen’s parents. “We are just looking or praying that you are safe.”

Tessier was arrested Wednesday and charged with first-degree murder. Wallen was a beloved teacher and was four months pregnant.

[Featured Image: Montgomery County Police Department]