STORIES CLASH: Mother of Kenneka Jenkins calls out activist who said he saw video of teen entering freezer to die

The mother of Kenneka Jenkins has responded to reports that a Chicago activist was shown video of her daughter locking herself inside of a hotel freezer and dying, as reported by Chicago Tribune.

Activist Andrew Holmes told reporters that Village of Rosemont police showed him video in which 18-year-old Jenkins could be seen entering the walk-in freezer of her own volition, as previously noted by CrimeOnline.

However, when this surveillance footage became available for public consumption, the moment in which Jenkins led herself into the freezer was auspiciously missing, leading Holmes to strike a tone of indecisiveness.

“My point was — and I’m going to stand by it — I didn’t see anyone downstairs behind her,” he said. “I didn’t see anyone in front of her. I didn’t see anyone trying to force her back there. That’s my point and I’ll stick to it.”

Holmes previously stated that the notion that Jenkins was murdered was “just something they made up on social media.” When asked whether Holmes had been shown the video, Rosemont police spokesman Detective Joe Balogh seemed to dodge the question, merely expressing appreciation for Holmes’ assistance “on behalf of the family and community pursuant to this investigation.”

Now, the teen’s mother, Teresa Martin, has responded to Holmes and his fellow activists, saying they are misrepresenting the family, according to Chicago Tribune.

She also insinuated that these activists tried to convince her to shut down peaceful protests that she organized on behalf of her daughter, allegedly because the hotel where Jenkins died was losing money.

“He came out of the blue and acting … like he was a friend,” she said. “But he calls me this morning and says, ‘Oh the hotel is not making any money. I think you need to go online and stop the protest.'”

Martin doubled down on her accusations that the hotel is hiding something, saying they have been acting in a “hush hush” manner.

Authorities say Jenkins went to a party at the Crowne Plaza on Friday night, and that she went missing early Saturday morning. Her body was found in the hotel’s walk-in freezer on Sunday, amid claims by Martin that hotel staff had refused to look for her.

A spokesman for the Crowne Plaza said Thursday that the hotel has offered to pay for Jenkins’ funeral.

“Our hearts go out to Kenneka’s mother, her family and friends,” said the spokesman, Glenn Harston. “We hope covering the funeral costs provides a small bit of relief for them.”

[Featured Image: Twitter/Village of Rosemont]