‘It feels like a relative’: Kenneka Jenkins’ funeral draws hundreds as questions surrounding death continue [VIDEO]

Hundreds of family members and grieving citizens attended the funeral of Kenneka Jenkins on Saturday, as reported by Chicago Tribune.

Jenkins, who died September 10 inside a walk-in freezer at the Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare Hotel, was laid to rest inside a stadium sized church in Pullman, Illinois.

Nearly one thousand mourners came to pay their respects to the 19-year-old, including family members and the growing community of people who have been following the case.

“We’ve been following this ever since it happened — crying, staying up late at night — it’s heartbreaking,” Denise Mitchell told reporters after the service. “It feels like a relative.”

One of Jenkins’ nieces echoed that sentiment as she read a poem she had written about her dead aunt.

“Every time I feel upset she makes me feel like a princess. Neka was so funny she would make me cry,” she said.

Many mourners wore purple, Jenkins’ favorite color, and donned t-shirts that featured her image, with the words “Justice for Kenneka” written below it.

The funeral comes three weeks after her mysterious death, in which she is alleged to have wandered alone into a basement freezer, though surveillance footage seems to show a different account, as previously reported by CrimeOnline.

Despite the questions surrounding her death, pastor James Meeks told the audience that “We are not here to solve anything.” Church staff also surveyed audience members to make sure people were not live streaming or recording the funeral service.

Mourner Denise Mitchell said she was moved by the proceedings, but her passion to find out the truth behind the 19-year-old’s death has not waned.

“I’m glad that it was a nice, peaceful ceremony. It was beautiful. The family seemed like they were uplifted … that’s good,” she said. “Now if we could just get all of this solved.”

[Featured Image: Twitter/WGN9/screenshot]