Now that O.J. Simpson is out of jail, Goldman family ready to finally collect on massive settlement

O.J. Simpson walked out of jail yesterday after serving nine years for robbing a casino, as previously reported by CrimeOnline.

Though he may be free from incarceration, the former NFL superstar still faces a massive civil settlement after being found liable in court for the 1994 slayings of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. That settlement originally amounted to $33.5 million but, due to interest, has ballooned to $70 million.

David Cook, the attorney representing the Goldman family in the suit, told CNN that he is ready to begin the collection process anew.

“The good news for me is he’s getting out. The bad news for him is I’m in good health. I’m good to go,” he said.

Cook also confirmed the updated monetary figure.

“I renewed the judgment in 2015 at $57 million. Two years have passed, so now it’s a touch under $70 million.”

Malcolm LaVergne, Simpson’s attorney, heaped scorn upon the Goldman family for continuing to seek money from the court issued settlement.

“I have no problem if the Goldmans want to go out and do their publicity tours and promote their books and do everything, he said. “They’re professional public figure victims at this point.”

LaVergne also suggested that his client simply doesn’t have the money, saying “As far as I know, (Simpson) will be a retiree.”

However, there is some question as to the financial solvency of the once ubiquitous Simpson.

According to a recent report by ESPN, the former running back accrued a pension from the NFL while in prison. It has been estimated that he racked up over $600,000 during his time behind bars, though this figure depends on when he began collecting on this pension.

There is also the specter of his post-prison life. Simpson has already alluded to writing a book and an unnamed source has said he seeks up to $5 million for a television interview, as previously reported by CrimeOnline.

“There are companies who have made it known that a television show documenting what he’ll be doing, how he’ll greet his kids and what his golf game like, is a viable and potentially lucrative project because people still care,” the source said. “They still want to see O.J. for better or worse.”

Additionally, Cook noted that the NFL star’s children have made several major real estate purchases in Florida, with the attorney questioning whether Simpson helped finance the deals. This would indicate other undisclosed revenue streams.

Despite Simpson avoiding payment for over 20 years, Cook is confident that he’ll collect on behalf of the Goldman family.

[Featured Image: Las Vegas Police Department]