‘There was blood everywhere’: Teen twins recount harrowing story of how they survived Las Vegas after being shot

A pair of 17-year-old twins survived Sunday’s horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas after they were both hit with gunfire, as reported by ABC News.

Identical twin sisters, Natalia and Gianna Baca. told reporters that, at first, they didn’t realize that bullets were being shot into the crowd and thad no idea they were in the line of fire. That’s when Gianna Baca was shot in the hip.

“Someone behind me said that it wasn’t a gunfire,” Gianna Baca said. “So we all stood up and it happened again and people just fell on top of each other, people screaming, there was blood everywhere and that’s when I felt like a pain in my hip and it felt like a boulder hit my hip.”

Gianna’s boyfriend led her to safety but, in the chaos, she became separated from her sister.

Natalia was still in the line of fire, holding hands with her friend Riley when she was shot in the shoulder.

“We were just holding our heads, just praying and holding hands and then I got hit,” she said.

Riley rushed to action, using his t-shirt to help stop the bleeding and pulling her to a nearby triage tent for medical attention.

Dean McAuley, an off-duty firefighter, immediately began helping the injured 17-year-old as she fell into shock.

“Dean was an amazing guy. He stuck with me the whole night and I just give him full props for actually saving my life,” Natalia said. “He could have not acknowledged me in that tent, he was just a volunteer that was taking his time out of that night and saving people’s lives and he didn’t have to but he is a very strong man and his family should be very proud of what he’s doing.”

McAuley sent a video to the program and told Natalia that he was “very proud” of her strength and her ability to stay calm. He also expressed interest in reconnecting and sharing a hug.

Doctors say Natalia is stable but she has a tube draining blood from her rib cage and will likely need surgery. The bullet shattered inside her body near the shoulder and punctured her lung.

“I feel like everyone should be impacted on this and be thankful that we have lives and just keep believing you never know what’s going to happen to you,” she added.

Gianna was shot in the butt and hip and was released home after being treated for her injuries.

As previously reported by CrimeOnline, Sunday’s mass shooting in Las Vegas was the worst incident of gun violence in modern American history.

[Feature Image: ABC News/screenshot]