Vermont newspaper blasted after publishing crude Las Vegas cartoon after mass shooting

A small newspaper in Vermont received backlash from the public after it published on Monday a tactless political cartoon about the Las Vegas massacre, the deadliest in U.S. history.

The Bennington Banner issued an apology for the crude cartoon Tuesday, which depicted a pile of tangled bodies with the caption “Whatever happens in Vegas…,” according to a report by The Washington Post.

According to the paper’s statement, the cartoon was supposed to be a play on the tourism slogan “Whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” – meaning even a massacre like this won’t do much about gun control.

“Our interpretation of Randall Enos’ cartoon was that little would be done with regard to gun control measures in the United States even after such an unprecedented tragedy. …We regret publishing the cartoon.”

The newspaper’s readers were immediately “disgusted;” many said they would no longer buy the publication.

On top of that, a victim of Sunday’s shooting was from the nearby town of Dorset, close to where the newspaper is published. Sandy Casey, 35, lived in Redondo Beach, California, and worked as a special education teacher. She visited the concert with her fiance and a friend.

Vermont Senators Bernie Sanders (I) and Patrick Leahy (D) both expressed their condolences for Casey’s family via Twitter.

According to News 10, the newspaper’s president, Fredric Rutberg, acknowledged that the cartoon had an even worse effect on the state since a Vermonter was killed during the tragedy it seemed to be making light of.

The gravity of our error in judgment was magnified by the fact that one of the victims of this unspeakable horror was a native of Dorset, whose family and friends must have been particularly offended by this cartoon.”


Bennington Banner President Fredric Rutberg's letter to readers

Rutberg said he would be at his office Wednesday to answer questions.

[Feature Photo: Twitter]