‘Mom’ takes young kids to heroin deal, leaves dad in ditch to die after he overdoses: Cops

Tennessee police arrested a woman and accused her of taking her young children to a heroin deal and leaving her boyfriend to die in a ditch, as reported by FOX 17.

Aftan Coursey, 27, has been charged with reckless endangerment after the incident. Coursey and her boyfriend, Joseph Johnson, forced their two children, ages 5 and 2, to tag along as they bought heroin, authorities allege.

Johnson, the father of the two kids, allegedly snorted some of the heroin as soon as they got near Coursey’s home, then instantly collapsed in a drainage ditch. Police said the 27-year-old left him there, lying in the ditch, and headed inside to snort some of the heroin. Investigators said she left her boyfriend laying in the ditch for 30 minutes before checking in on him, and only because her children began asking for daddy.

Later, Coursey tried to wake him up with water, an arrest report indicates. That didn’t work, so she allegedly switched to hot candle wax, which also didn’t rouse the unconscious man. Police said she then poured hot water on him for another 30 minutes, then finally called 911.

Johnson perished, though his cause of death is still unknown, as autopsy results are still pending.

“This is not the way to try and revive somebody who may be suffering from some type of medical problem,” said Murfreesboro police Detective James Abbott told WKRN.

Coursey wasn’t supposed to have contact with her boyfriend, police said.

“Her and Mr. Johnson had recently had a domestic and she was charged with that domestic and Mr. Johnson and her were not to be together,” Abbott continued.

Additional charges may be pending. She is being held on a $7,500 bond. It is unclear if a family member took custody of the children or if they were placed with a protective services agency.

[Featured Image: Aftan Coursey-Rutherford County Jail]