Woman in BMW shot dead after attacking cop

Miami police fatally shot a woman on Sunday evening after she crashed her car into multiple other vehicles and ran over a police officer.

Police said that around 6:15 p.m., the unidentified woman hit two or three vehicles on her way from Ocean Drive to Washington Avenue on 12th Street. The black BMW was surrounded by police near Washington and 12th, but that didn’t stop the driver.

A witness, Miguel Garcia, said he saw her keep going and run over a police officer, CBS Miami reports.

“She started the car and ran away. She was, like, going over the policeman in front of her, the officer. At that point the other cop started shooting. I heard like shots, like four or five shots, like ‘pow, pow, pow, pow!’ And then the car lost control.”

Police said that’s when the driver was fatally wounded and crashed into a white SUV.

The officer struck was thrown onto the sidewalk from the force of the impact. He was conscious and speaking while paramedics transported him to Ryder Trauma Center. Miami Beach Police Chief Daniel Oates said friends and family have been visiting him.

Police confirmed that the driver had a male passenger during the incident. The relationship between the driver and the passenger is not yet clear. Neither individual was identified by police, but it’s confirmed that the driver was in her twenties.

The Miami-Dade Police Department, an outside agency, is being brought in to conduct the investigation.

[Feature Photo: Pixabay]