Mother who abandoned 3-year-old overnight in a cornfield says she she didn’t notice he was missing until the next day: Police

A Utah mother is being investigated after her 3-year-old son was left overnight in a corn maze.

According to The Salt Lake Tribune,  employees at the Crazy Corn Maze said a woman noticed an unsupervised child in the maze around 7:30 p.m. Monday night. Police were called, and when the mother couldn’t be found and the child couldn’t be identified, he was turned over to the Utah Division of Child and Family Services to be kept overnight,

Twelve hours later, the mother noticed her son was missing and called police, according to Spanish Fork police Sgt. Joe Monson.

“At 7:42 a.m. today, the mother woke up and noticed he was missing. She realized she may have left him at the corn maze and called us.”

The mother reportedly said she entered the maze with a large group of adults and children, according to Daily News. When the group returned home, they watched a movie and she dozed off, unaware that she had left her child.

Police sent the mother to DCFS, who said she would need to be questioned before they returned her child to her.

KUTV reported the child was returned to the parents, but spokeswoman for the DCFS, Ashley Summer, told the Salt Lake Tribune she could not confirm the child’s status because of privacy policies.

Monson was asked how the mother could go so long without noticing her child was missing. He said it was a matter of having multiple people in the house.

“This was a case of multiple families with multiple children living in the same home.”

No citations have been issued, but an investigation conducted by DCFS is still underway.

[Feature photo: Pixabay]