Tyerell Przbycien mugshot

‘A fascination with death’: Man could face murder charge after allegedly helping teen girl commit suicide, filming it

A Utah judge is set to decide whether or not an 18-year-old man will be tried for murder after he allegedly helped a young girl commit suicide and filmed the proceedings, as reported by USA Today.

Tyerell Przybycien has been accused of helping 16-year-old Jchandra Brown commit suicide by buying the length of rope necessary to perform the act and helping her tie a noose. The 18-year-old is also alleged to have filmed the horrific event on his cellphone, as previously reported by CrimeOnline.

Lawyers had been arguing whether or not Przbycien should be tried for first-degree felony murder and a class B misdemeanor charge of failure to report a body, according to FOX 13.

“He had a fascination with death,” prosecutor Chad Grundander said, noting that he openly discussed the scenario on Facebook. “He used her suicidal ideations for his own purposes.”

“The defendant bragged about getting away with murder.”

Defense attorneys, however, say that Brown made her own choice on May 6, when she committed suicide.

“While we don’t have all the videotapes we might like, I think it’s clear that … she was directly involved in the actions that caused her death,” defense attorney Gregory Stewart said.

Daniel Medwed, a law professor at Northeastern University, noted that murder may be difficult to prosecute, due the bizarre circumstances surrounding the case.

“[Przybycien] kind of set the wheels in motion, but there’s a problem with causation because she made the ultimate decision to take her own life,” he said.

According to reports, this is the first case in Utah history in which someone was accused of recording a suicide.

Judge James Brady is expected to come to a decision in the next few days.

[Featured Image: Utah County Jail]