Meth in Halloween candy

WARNING Parents!: Crystal meth reportedly found in child’s Halloween candy bag

Menominee Tribal Police in Wisconsin said a parent found a bag of meth in their child’s Halloween candy on Sunday.

The child was trick or treating in the Keshena area, during the village’s specified hours. When the child’s parents checked the candy bag later that night, they found what appeared to be a small baggy of drugs.

Ben Warrington, Tribal Emergency Management Coordinator, confirmed that it was crystal meth inside the bag, Fox 11 reports.

“It looked like a crystal type substance, subsequently was tested, and confirmed it was methamphetamine.”

Police are unsure if the incident was intentional, according to Tribal Police Detective Josh Lawe. There have been no other reports of children receiving drugs in their candy bags in that area.

Tribal Police Chief Mark Waukau said meth usage has been on the rise on the reservation recently.

“That’s something we’re seeing, like I said it’s coming up more, we are making arrests, on the streets, and traffic stops.”

Tribal police are asking parents to check their children’s Halloween candy thoroughly. Collection stations for the candy have been set up at designated locations. Police are also asking for the containers that were holding the candy.

Parents can take candy and bags to Keshena Veterans Park or the Neopit Fire Station from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday.

There will be a community-wide trick or treating event held on Tuesday from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the College of Menominee Nation. Bags will be provided to trick-or-treaters, and costumes are not required. Local businesses and tribal agencies are sponsoring the event.

Anyone who finds anything suspicious in their child’s candy is asked to contact the Menominee Tribal Police at (715) 799-3881.

The police department also wants to warn parents in other areas, as well, as there are no areas exempt from the possibility of drugs, or any other harmful substance, being placed in their child’s candy bag.

“Be resilient. Nowadays, nothing is off the table. Keep an eye on your kids, keep an eye on the candy.”

[Feature Photo: Menominee Tribal Police Department]