Dad forces four kids to live in storage unit with dead mother’s body stuffed in a cooler: Cops

Kansas police arrested a man after they reportedly found him living in a storage unit with his four children along with the decomposing remains of his dead wife, as reported by CBS News

Justin Rey, 35, was discovered by authorities on October 26 after they received a complaint of a man sleeping in a Lenexa storage unit. When investigators arrived at the scene, they found four children were also making the storage unit their home, including a toddler and a 5-day-old infant.

Police said they found the remains of his wife, Jessica Monteiro Rey, dismembered and stuffed inside of a cooler, according to PEOPLE. Rey alleged that she killed herself, though he did not offer an excuse as to why he left her body in a cooler inside of a storage unit near their children.

Rey was immediately charged with four counts of child endangerment but has not yet been charged with being involved in the death of his wife. Investigators, however, found surveillance footage of the suspect roaming a nearby hotel, pulling the cooler and carrying a large black bag whose contents remain unknown, as reported by KMBC.

An unidentified witness alleged to police that Rey told them a different story regarding the death of Jessica. Instead of suicide, the suspect allegedly told the witness that Jessica died during childbirth. The witness also said that they got a look at one of his children, who seemed to be in bad shape.

“When I saw her hair when she finally took the hoodie off, it reminded me of a cancer patient that’s been through treatment and hair loss,” the witness said. “He told me before we left the restaurant that he lost the child’s mother during childbirth, that she’d passed.”

During a recent court appearance, Rey repeatedly yelled at the judge, chiding the court for taking him away from his children.

“I have my children out there,” he yelled. “Their mother just killed herself. You guys took them from their father at that time.”

Police alleged that Rey had no diapers or food for the children and had not set aside a place for them to sleep, according to FOX 13

He is being held on a $1 million dollar bond. Also of note, Rey is representing himself, as the lawyer he hired refused to take the case.

“We have more questions right now than answers,” Kansas City, Missouri, police spokeswoman Kari Thompson said.

[Featured Image: Lexena Police Department/Twitter]