GUILTY: Serial killer and sex offender convicted for killing four California women

California serial killer blamed his probation officer after he murdered four woman

Registered sex offender Steven Dean Gordon is now a convicted serial. An Orange County, California, jury found him guilty on Friday for murdering four women at random during 2013 and 2014.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Gordon, who fired his attorney and represented himself, didn’t do much to defend his actions during trial. In fact, he spent time raging against everyone from his co-defendants to his probation officers for failing to monitor him properly. In essence, he implied that he wasn’t responsible for the for lives he took because as a convicted sex offender, he was given too much freedom by law enforcement.

It took the jury only an hour to deliberate and find Gordon guilty of murdering four women during 2013-2014. The victims were all linked to prostitution in the Anaheim and Santa Ana area. While addressing the jury during closing arguments, Gordon admitted to killing five young women, three of which were never found, and one who hasn’t been identified.

“I am ultimately the one responsible for these five young women’s death.”

The victims include:

  • Martha Anaya, 27, of Santa Ana
  • Jarrae Estepp, 21, of Elk City, Okla.
  • Kianna Jackson, 20, of Las Vegas
  • Josephine Vargas, 34, of Santa Ana


Estepp, the only victim whose remains were located, was found in a large trash bin behind a body shop where Gordon once worked. Detectives linked Gordon to the other three victims via his ankle monitoring bracelet. Co-defendant Franc Cano is charged with “aiding and abetting” Gordon, and is scheduled for trial next year.

According to prosecutor Larry Yellin, both Cano and Gordon repeatedly raped and assaulted their victims, then took painstaking measures to cover up their crimes. Yellin indicated that Gordon was the leader and the “big brother” of the duo, who directed Cano on how and where to hide the bodies and dispose of evidence. He also touched on Gordon’s claims that the the parole and probation offices were to blame for the killings.

“The probation department didn’t do it. The parole department didn’t do it,” said Yellin.

Steven Gordon’s sentence is scheduled for the week of December 19, when the jury will decide if he gets life in prison or Death Row.