‘Something made him snap’: Texas man reportedly stabbed mother to death with kitchen knives

A Harris County, Texas, woman is dead, and police say it was her own son that killed her. The incident occurred at around 3:15 a.m. on Friday, at the Westwind Townhomes on Garden Grove Court.

Harris County deputies reported that the victim, Dedre Jefferson, called her 73-year-old mother on early Friday, complaining that her son, a 22-year-old student at Texas Southern University, was acting strangely. Jefferson, apparently frightened, told her daughter that her son got into her medicine cabinet and swallowed some of diabetic and blood pressure pills. At some point during the conversation, Jefferson began screaming. Allegedly, her son was stabbing her while she remained on the phone with her daughter.

“The daughter called her, told her the grandson was acting strangely, and then started screaming that he was stabbing her,” said the Harris County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson, Ben Beall.

The son, who’s name hasn’t yet been released, was reportedly hallucinating. Police say after he stabbed his mother several times with different kitchen knives, he ran down the street and hid in a nearby town house. Police broke the doors down and took the suspect in custody.

Back of the crime scene, Jefferson’s daughter, who rushed over after the call, found her mother lying on a floor inside her home, lifeless.

According to Harris County police, the suspect had no previous criminal record, but earlier in the week, he told the family pastor that he was having “spiritual visions.” Pastor Patrick indicated that something happened to make the suspect snap, and that in general, he was a “fine young man.”

“There’s no question that this fine young man had a problem and something initiated that problem, (and) that he snapped. That’s the only thing that could have happened,” the pastor said.

The suspect is currently being held at the Harris County jail.