Allen Ivanov pleads guilty to killing girlfriend, two teens

Washington man killed three people after being rejected by ex-girlfriend

A man charged with killing three teens last summer and wounding another at a Seattle house party pleaded guilty on Monday. The plea came just one day before prosecutors were scheduled to announce if they would seek the death penalty.

According to Washington investigators, Allen Ivanov, 20, attacked innocent party goers at a July 30 bash after his former girlfriend told him she had no intentions of ever getting back together with him. He not only shot and killed ex-girlfriend, Anna Bui, but also Jordan Ebner and Jake Long. All three victims were just 19 years old. Another victim, 18-year-old Will Kramer, suffered wounds but survived.

Ivanov walked into the party in the Chennault Beach neighborhood with a AR-15-style rifle, accompanied with two 30-round clips. He admitted that he’d never fired a gun before, and stayed outside of the party, reading the instruction manual. Days before the shooting, he wrote a six-page letter, complaining about his Bui breaking up with him and explaining why he was getting ready to kill her.

“I’m selfish. That’s why I did this,” Ivanov wrote.

Prosecutors indicated that the first person Ivanov spotted when he crept up to the house was Long, who was walking towards the front of the home when the two faced each other. Ivanov opened fire on Long, shooting him several times before turning to Ebner, who heard the shots and walked towards the home. Ivanov shot Ebner and then Kramer. While Ebner wasn’t able to escape, Kramer ran into the woods and called the police.

Before police arrived, Ivanov found Bui sitting at a dining nook inside the home. He shot her five times, then fled the scene in his car. Authorities arrested him around 90 miles away, on Interstate 5.

Snohomish County Superior Court, Judge Janice Ellis, scheduled Allen Ivanov’s sentencing for January 12.

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