Alleged Texas baby and wife killer caught in Colorado

Craig Alan Vandewege’s wife and baby son were found dead in their Fort Worth home, from neck cuts

On Thursday, a Fort Worth man was arrested and charged with the deaths of his slain wife and infant son. Mom and son were found in their Texas home with their necks sliced on December 15.

The Star-Telegram reports that Craig Alan Vandewege, 35, was initially arrested on Thursday in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, for speeding and failing to provide proof of insurance. Just when he was getting ready to bail out, Glenwood Springs authorities were alerted by Fort Worth authorities that Vandewege was wanted for the murder of his wife and baby son. He’s now behind bars with a new bail amount of $1 million

On December 15, a seemingly frantic Vandewege dialed 911 from his Fort Worth home, off of Cactus Flower Drive, and told a dispatcher that he walked inside to find his wife, Shanna Riddle Vandewege, and their 3-month-old little boy, Diederik, deceased in their beds. Both of their necks had been fatally cut. Vandewege left for Colorado a few days later, reportedly to attend mom and son’s funeral services.

When Glenwood Springs police pulled Vandewege on Wednesday evening, he told them that his wife and son were just murdered in Texas, and produced his “attorney’s contract for services” information.

“He stated that his wife and son were murdered in Ft Worth, Tx. He was showing no emotion while telling this,” the officer who pulled Vandewege over reported.

After arguing with officers about getting out of his car, Vandewege finally complied. The officers placed him in handcuffs and searched him. They found a loaded pistol in his ankle holster and another loaded pistol in his waist holster. Numerous condoms, along with his wedding ring, was found in his pockets, according to the police report. Additional items were found inside Vandewege’s vehicle, including ammunition, camouflage clothing, gas cans, an AR-15-style rifle, a .22 caliber revolver, and bottles of medication.

So far, detectives haven’t specified what information and evidence was obtained that linked Vandewege to the murders. However, shortly before his arrest on Wendesday, Vandewege allegedly told a man at a 7-Eleven that he was on the run from the police. The man told authorities that Vandewege borrowed his phone and reportedly “spoke about murders” during a few phone calls.

The story is still developing.

[Featured Photo by the Garland County jail]