Trashy Teachers: Five teacher scandals that shocked the nation

These teachers taking teaching to a whole new level

It seems there’s no short supply of educators who take teaching to an entirely different level; a level that can leave students with emotional scars for life and parents with a distrust for the school system. The following cases are so disturbing that they’re arguably the most trashy cases of teachers taking advantage of their own students.

#1 Matthew Shane Wester

Former high school teacher, Michael Wester, who taught math at Cleveland High School in Blount County, Alabama, not only had alleged “sexual contact” with one of his students, but he married her once she turned 18, just five months after being indicted. The student, Amy Nicole Cox, was 16 when the reported affair started, which, in Alabama, is the legal age for sexual consent. However, the relationship was considered illegal since Wester was in “a position of power.” Pamela Casey, the district attorney who handled the case, wrote that Wester filed for divorce from his first wife, with whom he shares a child with, and married Cox within a few months.

“On June 13, 2015, just 67 days following the divorce from “wife No. 1,” and less than five months prior to the initial trial setting in this matter, the defendant married the student whom he subjected to sexual contact while he was a teacher and she was student.”

In April, Cox was forced to testify against her new husband. The former teacher was eventually acquitted of all charges against him when Cox failed to show up at court. Casey indicated that multiple attempts were made to serve Cox with a subpoena, but the teen evaded the efforts each time.

#2 Haeli Wey

Haeli Wey, a former Austin, Texas, high school math teacher, was arrested in 2015 after having sex with two teenagers. What makes this case even more disturbing is where Wey lured in one of the kids. KVUE ABC reports that Wey met the first teen during a school ministry program. She later accompanied the boy and his parents on a trip to Africa during the summer. Authorities said that upon returning from the trip, Wey had sex with the student “approximately 10 times” over the course of two months.

The relationship between Wey and the first student ended when he found out she’d been on a hike with another student, where they reportedly “made out” at Commons Ford Park. The first student informed his parents about the relationship, which led to police uncovering incrimininating text messages between Wey and the second victim. Once she found out the first victim told on her, she immediately texted the second victim and asked him to delete their conversations.

Although both students were 17, the legal age of consent for sexual relations in Texas, Wey was considered in a “position of power” and charged with with two counts of conducting an improper relationship between a teacher and a student.

#3 Lindsay Massaro

Lindsay Massaro, a former 8th grade teacher at K-8 Frankford Elementary School in Frankford, New Jersey, was arrested in 2009 for having a sexual relationship with a middle school student. reports that the former teacher admitted to police that she had sexual encounters with the boy in both her car and her own home on numerous occasions. According to Sussex County authorities, Massaro admitted to picking the student up from his home, driving him to her home for sex, and then later dropping him off back at his residence.

[Photo by Sussex County Police Department]
Massaro landed in hot water after the victim’s dad reported his suspicions to police, stating that his son was having “ongoing sexual relationship” with a teacher from his school. In 2011, she was convicted of second-degree sexual assault, and was sentenced to three years behind bars.

#4 Virginia Houston Hinckley

Virginia Houston Hinckley, a St. Augustine, Florida, high school teacher, began having sex with a 16-year-old student around October 2015. According to her arrest warrant affidavit, Hinckley and the student began exchanging flirtatious messages when he was a student in her English class. Rather then rebuff the teen’s compliments on her appearance, she encouraged him, even allowing him to tickle her.

The flirtation eventually led to an after-school hook-up in the front seat of Hinckley’s car, where they engaged in unprotected sex. The following day, Hinckley texted the student and warned him,”You better keep your mouth shut about this.” It was the first and only time pair had sex.

[Photo by St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office]

In December 2015, one of the former teacher’s relatives wrote on Facebook that Hinckley was pregnant. The family member expressed excitement over the new baby, “coming May 2016.” It’s unclear whether Hinckley was actually pregnant or not, and if so, there’s no indication that the teen victim is the father.

She’s charged with with one felony count of unlawful sexual activity with a minor. Jury selection for her upcoming trial is scheduled to start in January 2017.

#5 Heather Phillips

Heather Phillips, a 41-year-old former preschool teacher from Port St. Lucie, Florida, is accused of having sex with her daughter’s 15-year-old ex-boyfriend. According to police, she slept with the boy at least seven times. The Inquisitr reports that the victim tried to escape the affair, but Phillips allegedly kept contacting him constantly, even once threatening him with a knife and seducing him in her bedroom. When she told the teen she was pregnant, he became frightened and told his parents.

[Photo by Port St. Lucie Police Department]
Once authorities were alerted, a police officer posed as the victim and began texting Phillips. When the officer, acting as the victim, told Phillips he was scared and wanted to tell his parents, Phillips reportedly texted back and told him to keep quiet.

“Don’t say s**t until we talk. Have you lost your mind?”

When confronted by the evidence, Phillips initially denied any contact with the teen, but eventually came clean after being thoroughly interrogated. She’s charged with two felony counts of lewd and lascivious behavior with a minor under the age of 16.