Georgia Minister accused of soliciting child for sex

A married minister allegedly sought out a young girl online to hook up with

A Georgia minister was arrested last Wednesday in a sting operation after he allegedly planned to meet a child for sex.

Randy Wade Rowell, 58, was charged with “criminal attempt to commit child molestation” and “solicitation for sexual conduct with a child.” The Telegraph reports that Telfair County Sheriff Chris Steverson planned the operation with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI).

According to a release by Telfair County Police Department, Rowell began interacting with what he thought was a young girl. In actuality,  GBI’s Internet Crimes Against Children task force was building an undercover sting operation to bring the minister down. While Rowell allegedly solcited sexual relations with the underage girl, Steverson and the task force arranged a meeting with him at a secluded location.

When Rowell arrived, he was met with something much different than he expected. Steverson was there waiting to charge him. As Rowell was being, he reportedly confessed that he had brought an alcoholic beverage for the young girl he was attempting to have sex with. He also admitted that he was a church minister and currently married.

Steverson made a statement saying that he and his team will keep searching for “sexual deviants who cloak themselves in the anonymity of the internet in seeking out innocence and attempting to lure underage victims into the darkness and away from their protectors.”

Rowell is currently in custody, charged with solicitation for sexual conduct with a child and criminal attempt to commit child molestation. As of Wednesday, his bond was still being determined.