Istanbul nightclub shooter

Police release photos of Istanbul nightclub gunman

Numerous people were injured and killed in an Istanbul nightclub attack

Turkish police released two photos of the gunman who attacked an Istanbul night club on New Year’s Eve. Aside from the grainy images from CCTV footage, police have found little evidence so far, as they desperately search for the identity of the man who murdered at least 39 party goers. The footage shows the gunman as he walked into the night club with an (removed) with the weapon he used in the shooting. Though his identity remains unknown, the terrorist group ISIS has taken responsibility for the attack.

Authorities have been searching for the perpetrator, but have no solid leads yet. The Daily Mail reports that officials believe the suspect to be from Kyrgyzstan; they’ve conducted around eight interviews so far, in an attempt to identify the gunman. Even the taxi driver who drove the killer to the nightclub was questioned and let go, as he was not able to supply any useful information.

ISIS took responsibility for the terrorist attack by releasing a statement saying it was their “heroic soldier of the caliphate who attacked the most famous nightclub where Christians were celebrating their pagan feast.” Turkish media has reported that 180 bullets were used during the attack. Along with 39 murdered club goers, numerous others were severely injured.

The bomber jacket that CCTV footage shows the shooter wearing during the massacre was abandoned as he fled the scene of the attack. Although it’s believed that he used a taxi as his means of escape, he was reportedly seen hitchhiking to nearby Bursa.

[Feature Photo by CCTV/Turkish Police]