ALERT! Three other women disappear under the same circumstances following Sherry Papini’s disappearance

Four women disappear from California; only one has been found safe

In the two months following the abduction of northern Californian woman, Sherri Papini, three more women have disappeared from the same region. Police haven’t linked the cases, but all of the women who vanished are blonde-haired and blue-eyed.

The disappearances began with Stacey Smart, 51, who went missing on the same day as Sherri Papini. Smart, however, has not been found. On December 1, Amy Snow, 25, was reported as missing by her mother after leaving her home. The location of Snow’s disappearance is three hours from where Papini was taken, and two hours from Lewiston, where Smart vanished.

Just a few days later on December 10, another woman went missing from the same area. Jessica Roggenkamp, 44, disappeared from Anderson, a town not far from the other women. Her car was found on the side of the road unlocked, with the keys still in the ignition. Her phone and purse were not in the car, but camping supplies were present.

Though none of the other missing women have been found, Smart’s daughter has been working with Cameron Gamble, the kidnap consultant who helped the Papini family find Sherri Papini after her abduction. Gamble believes that his method of “reverse ransom” scared the kidnappers into releasing Papini. Two days after Gamble posted a video on social media to make the perpetrators “feel they were being hunted,” Papini was found alive and bound by the side of an interstate highway.

Gamble faced public scrutiny when a video, released 4 years previously, emerged with a PSA from his agency known as Project TAKEN. In the video, a young woman with blonde hair and blue eyes is kidnapped and chained in a dark, dungeon-like room, eerily similar to Papini’s situation. Because of this video, and Papini’s emancipation following Gamble’s other videos, the Papini family and Gamble were accused of staging the entire incident. Papini’s husband, in an attempt to clear his family’s name, released unauthorized statements which police say has now compromised the investigation.

Regardless of the skepticism Gamble now faces, he is continuing to help others in the area with missing family members.

[Feature Photo: Amy Snow/Facebook]