Florida teacher’s bizarre YouTube rant: I want to ‘butcher somebody’ and have ‘good a** sex’

Elton Lewis allegedly recorded the disturbing video missive in the presence of a toddler

A Florida teacher is in hot water after a bizarre and sexually explicit video he recorded years ago was discovered by a student.

Elton Lewis, until recently a language arts teacher at Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School in Miami, posted a video to his YouTube channel in which he talks about what he wants for Christmas. Sex acts and violence are on his wish list, and at one point in the video a small child can be heard in the background. 

“I want someone to come and give me good a** sex,” he says in the video, believed to have been recorded in 2009, adding that he’d also like to perform oral sex on a person with an “abnormally large penis.”

In other instances Lewis is less giving. He talks of wanting to “butcher somebody” due to “pent-up frustration, stress and anger from work.” Lewis also pledges to give his students more failing grades, saying he believes it will teach his students “that sometimes, life is not easy … The more Fs I give, the more I feel they’re learning.”

One of his students appeared to be vindicated by Lewis’s claim. “It was a validation for me because I had received many, many Fs in his class, pretty much for no reason,” the student, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, told a local Florida news station. “It’s really hurting us as students.”  

The United Teachers of Dade released a statement responding to the incident. “United Teachers of Dade understands that our professionals are held to high standards,” the statement read. “As public employees and professionals, we must be extremely careful of how we use social media.”


Photo: YouTube