Mitchell Oakley mugshot

Police officers ambushed in Walmart while responding to trespassing violation

A simple case of trespassing turned sinister in an Arizona Walmaart

New footage emerged today, stemming from an April incident, showing two Arizona police officer badly wounded during an ambush in a Chandler Walmart.

At 6:30 a.m. on April 23, the officers responded to what they believed to be a simple case of trespassing after a public-records request. Soon after entering the store, however, they realized they were dealing with more than a simple case of trespassing, The Daily Mail reports.

According to police,CCTV footage shows the reported gunman, Mitchell Oakley, hiding in a McDonald’s in the supermarket. As the police officers approached him, Oakley opened fire.

Both officers, Officer Pueblo and Officer Colwell, were injured during the shootout. Officer Pueblo was hit in his face and Officer Colwell was struck twice in his body. In the surveillance video, Pueblo can be seen getting knocked to the ground, hit at point blank range, while Colwell dove out of the range of the bullets.

Pueblo, unable to engage in the shootout because of his injuries, can be seen retreating out of the way. As Colwell slides across the entrance of the store, he pulls out his gun and chases Oakley out through the doors. Colwell managed to hit and kill the shooter.

Cynthia Ayala was present in the supermarket during the shootout, but was hiding in the dressing room during the incident. She said that she didn’t realize what the noises were at first.

“I thought it was like pallets falling. I never thought it would be gunshots. ‘I was just really scared as to where they would fall.”

Chandler police spokesman Seth Tyler told the press what he police department is calling the incident.

“I guess you can call it what you want. It sounds like an ambush to me.”

Officer Pueblo is currently on medical leave as he recovers from his injuries.

[Feature Photo: Chandler PD]