Timothy Blake mugshot

VILE! Man arrested for using a syringe to squirt semen on women

A West Virginia man has been arrested after stalking women in an Ohio Walmart, and using a syringe to squirt them with his semen.

Timothy Blake, 26, was arrested and charged on December 30 with pandering obscenity, sexual imposition and two counts of menace by stalking, according to the arrest affidavit provided by CBS News.

The original complaint came on November 2 from a woman who Blake allegedly stalked while she walked through the supermarket. She claimed that she had noticed a “creepy” man “who seemed to be lingering around her.”

The woman said that she could feel something wet on her back and foot after the man walked close behind her. She immediately ran to the bathroom to see what it was, and felt that whatever it was, it was “sticky.” When the woman exited the bathroom, she could see that he was still watching her.

On December 28, another woman came forth with a similar story. Police investigating the case said that surveillance tapes showed the man fleeing in a white truck after each incident. Two days after the last report, Marietta police found the truck and began questioning Blake. He initially told authorities that he had been throwing egg yolks at the women, but he fessed up after he was told that they had already tested the substance.

The suspect admitted to police that he had been using a syringe to squirt his victims with egg yolk, spit, and his own semen. He said that he would masturbate into the syringes before squirting the woman with its contents.

Blake confessed that he aimed at the women’s backside, and claimed that his victim on November 2, “displayed exhibitionist characteristics and wanted to be noticed.”

The affidavit stated that Blake is married, and his wife had no idea of the events that led to his arrest. Blake blamed his behavior on his parents; he said they molested him as a child.

[Feature Photo: Washington County Sheriff’s Office]