Egypt Moneek Robinson mugshot

Cellmate: MONSTER MOM feels ‘no remorse’ for stabbing her 3-year-old, says he’s ‘the soul of Hitler’

Accused child killer, Egypt Robinson, thinks her son will “relive” again

A Florida woman, charged with murder, told her cellmate that she felt “no remorse” for killing her 3-year-old son, because she believed that he “was the soul of Hitler.”

CBS reports that Egypt Moneek Robinson, 28, confided to her cellmate that she felt she was saving the world from her “evil child,” named Aries Juan Acevedo. According to Daily Mail, the cellmate has since requested to be put in a different cell.

Robinson was arrested for murder after the body of her son was found stuffed inside a suitcase and thrown into the swamp behind her Callaway, Florida home, in December, 2015. When authorities pulled up to take Robinson into custody, she immediately confessed that she was responsible for committing the heinous act, and asked to be put in cuffs.

“Just put me into handcuffs. I did it. I killed my baby and put him inside of the suitcase.”

While riding in the back of the squad car on the way to the police station, she told the officers a vastly different story from the one she later told her cellmate. Instead of insisting that her child was evil and needed to be killed, Robinson insisted that by murdering her son, she was saving him from a Biblical flood.

“The world is going to flood and everyone was going to be drowned and I can’t be drowned, therefore, I have to be shot in the head. I was just trying to save my baby!”

Robinson also told the officers that her baby would relive again. Authorities said she then confessed to stabbing her child, and stuffing his body in a suitcase.

Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for the filicide, and are taking steps to use footage of Robinson’s time in jail as evidence during her trial.

Robinson is set to have a hearing in February.

[Feature Photo: Bay County Sheriff’s Office]