HATE CRIME: Man fell from bridge in what his husband believes to be ‘a gay hate crime’

Maioha Tokotaua found his lifeless husband under a bridge on New Year’s Day, with burns, broken bones, and a severed spinal cord
The victim survived, but remains in critical condition

A man in Queensland, Australia was reportedly thrown off of a bridge on the night of New Year’s Eve in what’s alleged be a hate crime spurred by the man’s homosexuality. The victim is in critical condition.

Joth Wilson, 25, went missing on New Year’s Eve after he left to buy one last pack of cigarettes for a new year resolution. When Wilson didn’t return home, his husband, Maioha Tokotaua, 33, went out to find him. After searching for two hours, Tokotaua discovered Wilson lying underneath a bridge, severely maimed. He had fallen about 26 feet. He suffered from a broken neck and back, four broken ribs, a brain hemorrhage, a severed spinal cord and shocking burns over almost half his body.

Tokotaua believed that his husband didn’t fall or jump from the bridge after discovering that his wallet and hat were missing. Instead, he insisted that his husband’s injuries were no accident, and claimed that it was a married man with a wife and children. Allegedly, the man had tried to come on to Wilson, but was turned down.

“There were these guys who had been harassing us for some time after one of them, who is married with children, made an advance that Joth rejected. There’s no money involved, no drugs, no debt — there’s just no motive for the attack other than they were intimidated that we might tell their families.”

Tokotaua also insisted that the burns on Wilson’s face and body stemmed from the attackers throwing a flammable liquid on him and setting him on fire. However, authorities say that the burns were most likely the result of Wilson hitting electrical cords as he fell.

According to news.com.au, police are investigating the alleged attack, but no arrests have been made.

Wilson and Tokotaua were on a trip when the incident occurred. The couple have 3 adopted children together, and had plans to go home to them within a week. Wilson is currently on life support. Doctors believe he may never walk again.