Police: Man arrested for chopping up Montana Senator’s nephew

John A. Radavich was arrested in Spokane Valley on Thursday
He’s accused of killing the nephew of Montana senator, Jon Tester

John A. Radavich, 22, was arrested and charged in Spokane Valley, Idaho, on Thursday for first-degree-murder, after he allegedly used an axe to kill the nephew of a prominent Montana senator.

KREM reports that the story began on September 5, Radavich’s 17-year-old ex-girlfriend reached out to him and reportedly indicated that she had been assaulted by Robert Tester, 35, nephew of Senator Jon Tester. On September 6, Radavich allegedly snuck into Robert Tester’s home and chopped him to death.

Radavich was taken into custody this week for the murder after a friend sent in a recorded message in which the 22-year-old confessed to what he did and why he did it.

Tester and his 8-year-old daughter were sleeping when Radavich reportedly broke into the house. He used the axe to mutilate the father while his 8-year-old daughter witnessed part of the attack. Although the little girl wasn’t able to identify the suspect, she told authorities he wore black clothing. Police found Tester’s body in a pool of blood; the axe was left behind at the crime scene.

Daily Mail reports that Tester had multiple “chop wounds” to his head, stomach, and chest. The sheriff’s department spokesperson described the scene as “extremely bloody and gruesome.”

In the recording that resulted in Radavich’s arrest, he to his friend that “he had to take care of it by killing Tester.”

The sheriff’s office made no comment on the alleged assault of the teen, but did say that the investigation was still active.

John A. Radavich remains behind bars at the Spokane County jail. He’s being held on a $1 million bond.