Police tape

Deputy remains jailed on identity theft charges

The wife of a decorated Palm Beach County Florida Sheriff’s deputy collapsed outside a courtroom after a court ruled her husband remain jailed pending trial on identity theft charges, reported The Palm Beach Post.

U.S. Magistrate Judge James Hopkins rejected defense arguments that Deputy Frantz Felisma’s extensive history of community service justified his release on bond with electronic monitoring. Felisma, 42, was named Deputy of the Year for the Delray Beach region of the Sheriff’s Office two days before his arrest.

“I can’t imagine a much more serious offense than this,” the judge said reported The Sun-Sentinel. “For a law enforcement officer to be selling his position and selling … information to a known fraudster is one of the most serious crimes I can possibly imagine.”

Felisma is accused of using his job to steal identities. When he was charged Felisma, a road patrol deputy, said his actions were part of a police investigation into a convicted fraudster. Law enforcement officials found no evidence that Felisma was part of an official investigation.

The judge found reports that Felisma pulled a gun or Taser on a man when he was off duty. Felisma was off duty, byet dressed in his uniform on the evening in 2011 when he drove up to a Palm Beach nightclub in a marked police car to confront a man accused of causing a disturbance. Felisma allegedly fled the nightclub, owned by a friend of his brother, when someone called 911 during the incident.

The Court ruled that Felisma, who is on paid leave, will remained jailed due to concerns he may flee or intimidate potential witnesses or their families.

Felisma is a former goalkeeper for the Haitian national soccer team. He is a U.S. citizen and became a sheriff’s deputy seven years ago, reported The Sun-Sentinel.

Felisma’s wife, Daphnee Felisma, was taken to the hospital after she fainted. Her condition was not publicly available.