Horrifying details emerge in rape and murder of a 14-year-old girl … with mom watching

Grace Packer suffered terribly at the hands of her own mother

It’s something out of a horror movie, but sadly, it’s real.

A 14-year-old Montgomery, Pennsylvania girl was brutally raped, tortured, and murdered — and her own mother orchestrated the ordeal.

Jacob Sullivan was arrested on kidnapping and homicide charges for the murder of Grace Packer, his girlfriend Sara Packer’s daughter, this July. And he reportedly told police that he and Sarah had been plotting the murder since 2015. Shortly after Sullivan was booked, Sarah Packer was arrested for the murder of her adopted daughter. Both she and Sullivan face multiple charges, including conspiracy to commit rape and abuse of corpse in addition to the homicide and kidnapping charges.

According to a police affidavit, Sullivan said that he and Sarah drove Grace to the couple’s new home in Richland Township, Pennsylvania, on July 8. There, Sullivan struck Grace and the face and brought her to a third-floor attic and raped her while her mother watched. The couple then sedated Grace, bound and gagged her, and placed her in a cedar closet that Sullivan told police was extremely hot, leaving her there to die. But when they returned in the middle of the night, Grace was alive and conscious. Sullivan suffocated her with his arm.

Sara Packer reported her daughter missing on July 11 but did not appear at the police station to bring a recent photo of Grace and did not respond to numerous attempts the police made to contact her. Police visited the home where Grace’s body was being kept in mid-October, while she was in a closet packed with cat litter to control the odor. Sullivan told police he and Sara decided to move the body after that visit. They dismembered it in the bathtub and dumped the remains in a remote location. Hunters discovered Grace’s remains on October 31. It took almost two months before authorities were able to identify the body based on dental records.

Bucks County District Attorney Matthew Weintraub said the killing was the result of the couple’s “rape-murder fantasy.” Sara Packer will be arraigned on Sunday.


Photo: Grace Packer, Bucks County District Attorney