Kardashian Kaper: Paris chauffeur part of alleged ‘criminal network’ eyed for $$$ heist

The plot thickens

Apparently, it takes a village to rob one the most famous women in the word.

Over a dozen people were arrested in early Monday morning raids in Paris in connection to the October armed robbery of Kim Kardashian West — which saw the thieves make off with nearly $10 million in jewelry. Kardashian West was staying in a private residence in Paris at the time. The intruders held a gun to her head and left her tied up in a bathroom as they escaped on bikes. The reality star, who was visiting for Paris Fashion Week, was deeply shaken but physically unharmed. Her husband Kanye West was performing a concert in New York City at the time and abruptly cut the show short due to what he told the audience was a “family emergency.”

Now, 17 suspects — including three women — have been arrested in what looks to be an elaborate scheme to rob the millionaire star. Paris law enforcement officials told CBS that that several of the suspects have known criminal connections, and French newspaper Le Monde reports that a chauffeur Kardashian West rented through a luxury car service is among the suspects in custody. He reportedly drove her back to the residence the night she was robbed.

French authorities have not revealed the names of any of the suspects, who reportedly range in age from 23 to 72. Police were reportedly able to track down the suspects from DNA left at the crime scene.

“One of the DNA samples matched an individual known to police for robbery and criminal offences, who is considered a major thug,” the official told the Agence France-Press, adding that investigators were able to”build up a picture of the criminal network behind the robbery.”

According to the New York Daily News, police found a stash of firearms and nearly $150,000 in cash during the raids.


Photo: Associated Press