George Michael: Crime squad allegedly takes over singer’s death case

Rumors of a drug overdose reportedly spurred an intensive investigation into the singer’s death

A detectives’ crime squad has reportedly taken over singer George Michael’s death case, with allegations that he may have died from a drug overdose.

The Telegraph reports that detectives are intent on questioning everyone connected to Michael, including his on again off again significant other, Fadi Fawaz, who found Michael’s lifeless body on Christmas Day.

According to a spokesperson for the Thames Valley Police, this type of procedure is standard, and doesn’t necessarily mean that Michael died due to criminal reasons. They still deny that Michael’s case is part of a crime investigation, yet senior detectives are on the case.

So far, a post-mortem examination resulted in “inconclusive” death results. Although his official cause of death is listed as congestive heart failure, authorities are hoping that a toxicology report will help them understand what triggered the heart failure.

A Thames Valley Police spokesperson explained that if the toxicology results show that Michael’s heart failure was a result of a drug overdose, then the case would become criminal, and they’d likely go after the supplier.

“If the post-mortem results indicate that some sort of criminal activity has taken place, then it would become a criminal investigation. In cases where someone dies of a drug overdose, we would seek to establish who supplied those drugs.”

Meanwhile, Fawaz is speaking out about his former lover’s death. He feels that authorities are doing well with the investigation and being supportive, but he remains adamant that he had nothing to do with Michael’s death.

Michael has long-been associated with using drugs, including a number of arrests that stemmed from his alleged drug problem. Was heroin a factor in the singer’s death? Michael’s family says, “no.”

The toxicology reports will probably take weeks before the results are in.