Tragedy: Father reportedly murders son for being gay; mother also dead

Another person dead, and killed brutally for being gay, prosecutors say. The victim was allegedly murdered by the one who should have loved him the most: his own father.

Police say that Shehada Khalil Issa, 69, threatened repeatedly to kill his own son for being gay.  According to reports, he finally went through with his promise, shooting his son dead with a shotgun in March 2016.  His son, Amir Issa, was only 38.

Amir’s mother was also murdered, stabbed to death in the family’s North Hills, California, home.  LAPD officer Mike Lopez revealed she was stabbed “multiple times.”  Criminologists observe that such a modus operandi suggests extreme rage, almost a frenzy of anger, spurs the killing.

Did his mother try to save his life?  Did she try to shield her son from his father’s hate?

Amir was gunned down just outside of his home and suffered multiple gunshot wounds.  Police discovered his body when they arrived on the scene after a 911 call.

Investigators indicated that at first, the father stated he “found” his wife dead in the bathroom and then shot his son in self-defense. Apparently, he later changed his story and made incriminating statements.  He stands charged with murder. Neighbors told detectives that they heard multiple gunshots; they often heard arguing from the family’s home.

It’s still so hurtful, after all these years, hearing another person was murdered for being gay, especially if a parent is the suspect.  Amir wanted to be loved like any child, most of all by his parents. When you are told on a regular basis you’re perverted and called “the devil,” it does something to your heart.  A sense of yourself never blooms because who you are is never nourished.

Amir obviously didn’t want to be who his father demanded him to be. Amir wasn’t only battling society’s fear and disgust towards him because he was gay, but reportedly battling the disgust of his own father.

I am haunted by one thought.  I wonder if his father ever hugged him, really hugged him and said, “I love you, Amir.”

[Feature Photo: Facebook]