BREAKING: Dylann Roof sentenced to death

UPDATE 4:55pm ET

Jurors found Dylann Roof should be sentenced to death. Get the latest on this story HERE.

Original Story

Dylann Roof stood before a jury on Tuesday morning, during closing arguments in a South Carolina courtroom, and calmly explained that he killed nine black churchgoers in 2015 because he felt he had to do it. Over a year later, he apparently feels no remorse.

The State reports that jurors are currently weighing the death penalty option for Roof, and apparently he has no objections to dying. When confronted with the possibility of getting life behind bars instead, Roof said, “I’m not sure what good that would do.”

Prosecuting attorney, Jay Richardson, is pushing hard for the death penalty for Roof, and reminded jurors of exactly what happened and what Roof said after he killed nine innocent people.

“We learned about the defendant’s cold and calculated choices that caused those losses to happen. His racist ideology the acquiring of that ideology, that’s part of his preparation that’s part of what led him to walk in that door at Mother Emanuel on June 17 (2015).”

Once Richardson went over Roof’s past actions, he honed in on Roof’s current state of mind, including “unrepentant” behavior. While Roof asserted that even today, he feels like he “had to do it,” as if some phantom force took over his mind, Richardson was quick to point out that Roof was simply “doubling-down.”

“His response is to double down. It’s to continue to tell you the same thing. He wants you to believe that you have been misled. That indeed he was justified. That he was justified in committing a modern day lynching.”

Roof decided to expanded on exactly what he meant by he “had to do it” by explaining that although he wasn’t forced to kill nine innocent church goers, he felt it had to be done.

“I didn’t have to do it. But what I meant when I said that was that I felt that I had to do it. And I still feel that I had to do it.”

[Feature Photo: Charleston Police Department]