French Twist: Kardashian limo driver released without charges?

Reports now claim the driver was simply brought for questioning

After the stunning development that one of the group arrested in the Paris Kardashian jewel heist was none other than Kim’s 27-year-old private chauffeur, now a twist!  It’s a family affair!  The chauffeur’s older brother and owner of the posh car service was allegedly in on the heist as well.

Michael Madar, part two of the brother-act, was arrested as part of a series of raids conducted by the Paris police organized crime brigade.  The raids took place throughout Paris and the south of France.

Madar, 40, is the owner of the private car company, Unic Worldpass, used by the Kardashian clan while in Paris.  Kim Kardashian was using the company at the time she was robbed in October.

Madar’s little brother Gary, 27, is reportedly the chauffeur who drove Kardashian during the ill-fated Paris visit and is already under arrest by French police for the heist.

Madar friends are in disbelief, insisting Madar, who founded Unic in 2007, is extremely trustworthy.

The two brothers stand accused of “disposing” of the $4.5 million engagement ring given to Kardashian by music impresario husband, Kanye West.

In light of the brothers’ arrests, maybe she will be getting it back?


Reports now claim the driver was simply brought for questioning; no charges have been filed against him.

[Feature Photo: AP/Lionel Cironneau, File]