Kate Steinle

Family barred from suing the city after illegal immigrant and 7-time felon shot and killed their daughter

The family of a San Francisco woman killed by an illegal immigrant, that has been deported five-times, has been barred from suing the city by a judge.

According to Daily Mail, Kate Steinle, 32, was shot and killed by Mexican national Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, 45, who has long criminal record. The illegal immigrant has been allowed to stay in San Francisco because of the city’s sanctuary policies.

In a wrongful death suit, the family of Kate insisted that the city and the sheriff should be held accountable for her murder. It was argued that her death could have been prevented if the city had informed Immigration and Customs Enforcement that Lopez-Sanchez, a 7-time felon, had been released from prison in April of 2015.

“Kate’s death was both foreseeable and preventable had the law enforcement agencies, officials and/or officers involved simply followed the laws, regulations and/or procedures which they swore to uphold.”

Their claims were dismissed on Friday when Judge Joseph C Sparo said that the sheriff was not required to submit that information to ICE.

“No law required the Sheriff’s Department to share Lopez-Sanchez’s release date with ICE, nor did any law forbid Mirkarimi establishing a policy against such cooperation.”

The City and County Refuge ordinance in San Francisco “prohibits city employees from helping federal immigration enforcement efforts unless compelled by court order or state law.” The ordinance was passed in 1989.

Though they were barred from suing the city, the judge did allow the Steinle family’s case against the Bureau of Land Management to continue. The gun Lopez-Sanchez used to kill Kate was stolen from an unattended BLM vehicle.

Kate died after was shot in the back while walking on a pier with her father. Her death was martyred last year by Donald Trump’s campaign and immigration policies.

Lopez-Sanchez claims that Kate’s death was an accident cause by the gun accidently going off, and has entered a plea of not guilty. He will stand trial next month.

[Feature Photo: Handout/Steinle Family]