‘I killed them but you can’t kill me!’ Convicted serial killer claims death penalty is ‘torture’

Ricky Gray killed others; but is he scared to be killed?

Convicted killer Ricky Gray is scheduled for lethal injection this month, but he’s fighting it all the way. On Tuesday, a U.S. district judge halted Gray’s request to delay his execution.

CBS 6 reports that Gray’s attorneys argued that administering a lethal injection is “cruel and unusual punishment.” Attorney Lisa J. Fried wrote on Gray’s behalf that midazolam, a sedative to be used in the lethal injection for the first time, isn’t suitable.

“Midazolam is not appropriate for use in lethal injection executions. The Virginia Department of Corrections plans to use midazolam, in its compounded form, which has never been used before in a U.S. execution.”

In a 49-page decision, Judge Henry E. Hudson wrote that Gray, who was sentenced to death in 2006, waited until a mere month before his execution date to argue his case.

“If Gray had acted with appropriate diligence, he would have had ample opportunity to address his concerns without disrupting the execution date set by the state court.”

According to court documents, Gray went on a seven-day “killing spree” around Richmond, Virginia in 2006. He targeted and murdered an entire family: Stella and Ruby Harvey, and their two children, ages 9 and 4. After killing the family, he set their house on fire.

Prior to the Harvey murders, Gray killed Ashley Baskerville, 21, Mary Baskerville-Tucker, 46 and Percyell Tucker, 55. After binding, gagging, and killing the family, Gray and accomplice-nephew, Ray Joseph Dandridge, ransacked the home.

In 2005, Gray killed his wife of six months, Treva Terrell Gray, 28, and threw her body into a shallow ditch in Washington, Pennsylvania. A month later, he shot 37-year-old legal secretary, Sheryl Warner, then hanged her with an electrical cord.

Gray was also accused of a string of robberies and assaults. He’s scheduled to be executed on January 18.

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